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The BPMN-Layouter is a tool for modeling and layouting processes in BPMN (business process modeling notation). It is a prototype tool developed for researching advanced layouting techniques for BPMN diagrams. Despite its focus on research, we put quite some effort on usability and stability in order to make BPMN-Layouter usable also for modeling specialists and process analysts.

Screenshot of BPMN-Layouter


  • Modeling of BPMN diagrams
  • Export to common image formats and XML (based on GraphML)
  • Layout of BPMN diagrams:
    The layout algorithms are based on Sugiyama and the Topology-Shape-Metrics- (TSM-) Framework. The techniques are adapted for the support of Swimlanes and Partitions in general.
  • Layout using sketches of diagrams (Sketch-driven layout). When a BPMN diagram is layouted and changed afterwards e.g. a new element is inserted, this approach layouts the new diagrams while leaving the old diagram as unchanged as possible (Tagline is: keeping the user's mental map)
  • Visualization in 2.5D (2.5 dimensions) of BPMN diagrams using a 3D-Navigator
    Screenshot of a 2.5D visualization
  • 3D Flight Navigator: Browsing through a process model in a 3D-environment in real-time. Providing high user interactivity. Useful for presentation and analysis of business process models.
  • I18N internationalization support. Currently, supported languanges are yet limited to german and english.


Note: Enable HighDef-resolution and watch on fullscreen for best video quality!

3D Flight Navigator:

2.5D Visualization approaches for Business Process Models:


The BPMN-Layouter is provided in terms of a zipped file that contains all files needed for the application to run.

Do not hesitate to contact me (Email: effinger) if you wish to test the BPMN Layouter!

I gladly provide versions for both Windows and Linux/Unix platforms. If your focus is on a particular part of the application, I am willing to deploy a version with the desired set of functionalities.

System requirements are:
  • Sun JDK 1.5.0 or higher.
  • Java Open GL (JOGL), for support of 2.5D only. The necessary library files are contained in the zipped download file. If there are issues with JOGL, a guide is also available here.


A tutorial is currently under construction and will be made available as soon as possible.


For feedback and support, feel free to contact me per email:

Email: effinger

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