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YWeb - Automated Interactive Sitemap Generation

In this project we investigate new methods for the visualization of WWW localities.

Currently, a prototype application has been implemented that enables the automatic generation of ready-to-use, interactive Web sitemaps from various data sources and boasts the following features:
  • Real cross platform capability by using JAVA 2 and the Y Files API.
  • Open system through XML data exchange standards and code availability
  • New structure-based visualization approach that uses logical domains as the basis of visualization and interaction.
  • New usage-based sitemap approach by using popular user paths through the locality as the basis of visualization and interaction.
  • Large Web localities supported with up to 20.000 nodes
  • Robustness by accepting a large variety of different input Web site types.


YWeb application screenshot Path-based sitemap example Structure-based sitemap example


YWeb software package (1.8 MB)

Sample data files (.tar.gz, 0.2 MB)

Quickstart manual (.txt, 3 KB)

Master's thesis: "Visualization of Web Localities" (.pdf, 5.2 MB)

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