Chapter 5. The UI Subsystem

Table of Contents

The PathwayView Bean

This chapter contains a description of the UI subsystem. The UI subsystem provides UI components for displaying and editing biochemical networks. All UI components are Java Swing Components and can therefore easily be integrated in any Swing application. The subsystem is located in the package yWays.viewer.

The design of the UI subsystem follows the Model-View-Control design pattern: The model is given by an instance of ReactionNet, which is defined the core. The view part is the Java Bean PathwayView, which is located in the package yWays.viewer. The control part is played by instances of ViewMode of yFiles.

The PathwayView Bean

The PathwayView Bean is a Java Swing Component which displays a biochemical network. It has the following properties:

  • Zoom level

  • View point

  • Catalyst visibility

  • Co-compound visibility

  • Automatic layout algorithm

  • Selection state of compounds and reactions

The properties zoom level and view point define the part of the network, which is currently visible. The properties catalyst and co-compound visibility define, if catalysts and/or co-compounds are currently displayed by the component. The property automatic layout algorithm defines an automatic layout algorithm which is responsible for the placament of the diagram elements. Furthermore, some compounds and reactions may be selected, which is denoted by the selection state property.